Our Fundraiser 4 Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors

Just released my new Single, "Rebuilding Hope" on iTunes, please consider downloading it and "Go Tiny Be Happy" for $0.99 each to help raise funds to build more tiny homes for camp fire survivors. Profit from downloads will be donated to Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors. Your support means a lot, thank you.

Donation Amount

$125.00 was donated on 11/30 to their go-fund-me page    http://www.gofundme.com/f/tiny-homes-for-camp-fire-survivors 

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser. 

To continue our fundraiser please consider downloading our Songs "Go Tiny Be Happy" and "Rebuilding Hope" on iTunes,  The profit from downloads on iTunes will be donated to help build tiny houses for the #CampFire Survivors in Butte County, CA  If you downloaded in November, the 3rd party report will show on Dec.31st will be added up then donated. Thank you.

We have transferred the three designs (below) over to Alyssa to be available on RedBubble. T-shirts, stickers, note books, cards, socks and more.