My DIY build, started March 2019 - 8 x 18 x 11ft - 144sqft.



My life story, being born three months early, spent my first month of life in an incubator, not walking until the age of 3, doctors later saying I have a slight case of cerebral palsy, making it difficult to walk. At the age of when most kids are learning how to swim and ride a bike I was in the hospital having surgery. Also dealing with kids at school making fun of me, for being different.

Moving my 2nd year in high school, away from the few friends that I had, getting F's in class acting out being told if I don't change my ways I'll be a 5th year senior. Led me to have suicidal thoughts, but I did a complete turn around and finished school with my graduating class. My 1st part time job was in retail, after a few years went into corporate a 9 to 5 in finance, working in a rat maze of cubicles. Leaving after seven years to start my own dog walking business. After my best friend passed away a few years ago, having suicidal thoughts once again. 

At the same time I found a TV show about tiny houses, I fell in love with the tiny house lifestyle. That day I started planning to go tiny, I believe to this day it's one of the main reasons why I'm still here. Watching tiny house videos on you-tube, and talking online to other people living in tiny houses. Designing my own tiny house, starting my own DIY build, dreaming of starting a tiny house community of 6 to 10 tiny houses on a working farm. Has given me a feeling of purpose in life, a reason to live.

My next step in going tiny, is to find and purchase land, currently looking in Oregon and Montana. Please consider buying my artwork, or making a donation. If you would like to work together or have any questions please contact me. Thank you.

Your support and contributions will help me to meet my goals.

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