Life As A Tiny House - One man's journey into going tiny. A documentary - videos posted on YouTube sponsored by people like you. My goal is to start the Tiny Light Farm -a tiny house community in Montana, but in order to do that I first need to build my own tiny house. I started Life As A Tiny House so I can make videos to document my journey into going tiny.

Step #1 buy a tiny house trailer

Step #2 saving up and finding reusable materials to build my tiny house

Step #3 finding/buying land in Montana with zoning laws allowing for multiple tiny houses

Step #4 designing a layout for 15 to 20 tiny houses and starting the farm.

To start making videos I need to raise the funds to buy the tiny house trailer. I'm not looking for just cash donations, with that being said I will start a crowdfunding platform with reward levels soon. Please consider becoming a sponsor today to help with funding for the first step. As a $100 sponsor you will become a part of Life As A Tiny House, not just for a month or one year but for as long as I'm alive. Your logo will be added to the poster to the left, also on this website, all social media accounts/posts and special shout-outs in future videos. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. click here  a donation of $100 = sponsorship  for life

 a donation of $100 = sponsorship  for life 

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