Life As A Tiny House -

One man's journey into going tiny. A documentary - videos posted on YouTube sponsored by people like you. "The fact that I'll be turning 40 next year, has got me thinking what have I done with my life so far..." Become a sponsor today and help fund my 1st step.

Tiny Light Farm - A Tiny House Community

Somewhere in the middle of Montana, I would love to start a tiny house community on a farm. Yes, with crops (growing food) and livestock, chickens (for eggs), goats and even honey bees and more. Plus parking spots for 15 to 20 tiny houses. Going tiny in a BIG way.

What The Tiny... Make It Legal Already!

Is our new fundraiser to help make tiny houses legal everywhere. Buy our sticker, t-shirts, and or become a business sponsor with a $50 donation each year. 50% will be donated to the American Tiny House Association. Show your support in helping make tiny houses legal.

Up-coming Tiny House Festivals - 2018

Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree - Aug 23 - 26, 2018 - Austin, TX

Living Simple Tiny Home Expo - Aug 26, 2018 - Loveland, CO

BIG Massachusetts Tiny House Festival - Sep 28 - 30, 2018 - Marshfield, MA

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By buying a Tiny by Logan sticker design you'll be helping me live my dream of building/owning a tiny house, and helping build tiny houses for the homeless in Los Angeles. 50% will be donated to 

I know this might sound crazy but I want to design my tiny house around a farm style kitchen sink.

How about you? Do you have an item you want to build a tiny house around and or have you done it already? If so please send us a photo and a short story about it to 

Our Song

Please consider downloading our Go Tiny Be Happy song from iTunes at to help us raise money to start the Tiny Light Farm Community.  Thank you.